Sunday, 16 August 2009

A Game of Risk.

Remember this board game? Hadn't played it for ages until last week, and it was a joy to game. Simple, easy, fun, and even a little bit strategic at times too. Six of us managed to play it, and had a right good hoot. Tantrums, swearing and throwing of Teddy's into the corner were kept to a minimum.

A couple of moves in, and Doug held most of Nth America, Ben had Sth America, Peeler had Europe, Mathew most of Asia, Richie had Africa and Tim hung around in the Northern Wastes. Over a few further moves, Doug took over Sth America, Peeler took the Northern Wastes, and Mathew took Africa. Only three remained..soon down to two when Peeler in Europe got squished betwixt Doug in the West and Mathew in the apt eh. Naturally, England was the last to fall, and went down fighting bravely. After tea and buns, there was a mammoth clash between West and East, with Doug ending triumphant, and so he had to wear the Winners Crown. Except we didn't have one, so he had to make do with a Tiara instead. I still have the photo, and am awaiting due payment for the negative.


Andy McMaster said...

Ooohhh...Haven't played Risk for years. I've still got my 1970's version and some very battered dice from an even older one! It sits on the shelf with my copy of Campaign and Escape From Colditz. Haven't played them in years either!
I kind of went off the newer versions of Risk that had all the Mission cards and things. For me it was total global domination or nothing! - still is really :). And it didn't matter if a 6 six player game went down to 2 players in an hour or so and then everyone had to sit around for another 4 hours as the last two players battled to the end!

Of course, this was nothing compared to our mammoth 36 hour games of Titan!



Peeler said...

Ha ha!! Couldn't agree more, we don't bother with the Mission cards, we want the whole world in our own hands!This game took about two and half hours, which ain't bad for 6 of us.
Campaign...heck, I'm sure I've got that somewhere too...:-)

Jake Bullet said...

36 hours for a game? wow i could never do that. i dont think i've played campaign but i do own escape from colditz, what a game that is.

well i feel good as the winner of that game.should do it again sometime, not soon but sometime.

mrfarrow2u said...

Superb isn't it. After our last game of DBA the horror's have moved onto board games. In the past two weeks of our holiday, I've had to endure…. Escape from Colditz, Blue Max, Skirmish (AWI), GW DungeonQuest, GW Talisman (with ALL the extensions) & GW Warlock of Firetop Mountain. I've hid Risk & Diplomacy.... aaaaarrrggh.

Unfortunately all these collectors items are from the MrF vaults from many years ago. I’ve managed to keep Jack away from all my 1st Edition AD&D stuff… so far.

Peeler said...

Jake, good win, the Tiarra was duly deserved. :-)
MrF, you may as well give in, and get the games know they'll only find them eventually.

Wow Gold said...

Wonderful game. I liked it.

Poacher said...

Picked up a brand new set (version shown) un-opened, in a local charity shop for £2.

Pleased as punch, me....

WoW Power-Leveling said...

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