Saturday, 23 April 2011

St George's Day.

God Bless Elizabeth, England & St George!!

It's St Georges Day, and at Peeler Mansions we have a new & well proper looking flag pole up & running. After a fair bit of drilling, brick dust tasting and scuffing of knuckles, we were sorted and happily flying a large 5x3 foot St George Cross again. This particular pole is made for easy change of flags, so we're also prepared with a new Union flag for the wedding this coming week.

The same weekend also has our WD3 game at Ayton Village hall, and here's a preview of the not quite finished Lord Peelers forces..

I'm hoping that they perform quite well on the day, as this will be their very first outing. The campaign moves, and preview of the coming 18thC game can be found on the good & very well organised Mr Henry Hydes Blog, here .. and also on the WD3 Forum itself on various posts .. There's also other games on, including Norman's Viking, Tim's Toy Soldier & Bob's VBCW, to name but three. I think it's going to be a cracking weekend ...!


Friday, 8 April 2011

A General Witter.

Well doesn't time fly by. November since my last post here. Without wishing to dwell or delve too deeply, I've had a death in the family, (my Father, New Years eve), and it has taken some time to deal with that and the resulting formalities that need to be done. It takes a while to recover, and oddly, I have no idea where February went. Into a deep black depressive hole I think, from which I am recently emerging. It's odd how it can affect you, other things, most things maybe, no matter what they are, take a far away back seat, and simply get forgotten. Then you emerge again, remember where you were, and slowly fall back into it. Family life, work, friends, pub, gaming and so on. You realise that, pretty much, other parts of your life have simply continued along, it's just that you've been missing for a while. So, gaming wise - I'm very grateful to my local chums - Alex, Rich, Tim & others - for putting on various games at mine and theirs, without asking for any effort from myself, it has made a difference. And, I will put more effort in myself in the near future! I'm currently on with basing up a stack of 15mm Naps for DBN, and more immediately, finishing the basing of some 25mm Tricorne era figures for a rather splendid bash at the end of April, in our very own Ayton Village Hall. This has come about following an idea & discussion on the WD3 Site, and has been effectively 'made to happen' by the efforts of Mr Henry Hyde of BattleGames fame & Mr Tim Hall, a long standing gamer & friend. Apart from the main 18thC game, which promises to be rather large, we also have around another six smaller games on, varying from Viking skirmish through to WW2, VBCW and others. I think there will be around 20 gamers meeting up, from various parts of the UK & oversea territories. With two local pubs offering good food & ample beverage (and a mini beer festival), and most of the players taking local accommodation, it has all the hallmarks of a really cracking & enjoyable weekend. I just hope our hearts & livers survive. I will post up some links, and photos, in my next - soonish - post. Regards to all,