Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Derby Show,3rd-4th October.

We went along to Derby last Saturday, and a good day was had by all. Derby really is up there with the top shows I think, it has a pleasant open layout, plenty of room, and a good atmosphere too. Lotsa decent traders, and numerous quality games going on. It was good to meet up with a few people not seen for a while, and to put some faces to those known only by name.
So what did we buy...well, for our colonial games, I got a box of Hat 1/72, Gardiner gun with Naval crew...this is a smashing set, with 4 guns and crew as well as 16 foot figures armed with rifles. Basically, it's the Naval Division in a box, well made and proportioned figures, and well worth £6 I reckon. There is also a Gatling gun and Artillery set out, which I have yet to find.
I found a lovely 25/28mm range at HassleFree Miniatures, and just couldn't resist them, being the chaps out of Hot Fuzz, and also a fine model of Madge..as in, Her Majesty (God Bless Her), tooled up with a large shotgun. Not cheap, but they are definite quality figures to have. Pleasant people to chat to, HassleFree, and a pleasure to meet up with. From IronClad Miniatures, I bought a few character figures, Holmes & Watson, and Quatermain, which will do nicely for our coming Zombie game. A few other bits and bats bought, a chat with TSS & Old Glory, and onto the games..
Raid on St Nazairre, by the Leeds Club, Very Impressive!

Some other games..

Iraq game by the Border Reivers.

Nice boat model in this one..
A WW1 game, using Kallistra terrain and trenches.

This one was really colourful to see.

A couple of others..

I don't know, but I hope the wine got drunk throughout the day.

Now this one caught my eye, but it didn't immediately occur why...then I realised it was a 40mm game..didn't seem to take up much more space than 25's to be honest, and looked really big and bold. Had a good chat with Ian at this table, most of the figures are Sash & Sabre. I have to say, it did look really good, the figure painting and terrain were excellent.

A few other games..

Baccus 6mm Leipzig game..
And another 6mm game, Borodino by Lead Commanders. Big game, with oodles of small figures.
I think each base represented a Division. Although small figures, the painting and basing were good.
No idea who this was, but it looked pretty Old School style.

As said, the games put on were impressive, and a joy to see. It made a pleasant change not putting a game on ourselves to be honest, more time to see what others are doing. All in all, a good day out, and the food wasn't bad either.


Jake Bullet said...

Good pics there. i missed the 40mm game myself.

the food wasn't bad, reminded me of college a little. :P

Peeler said...

Hi Jake, it was a LARGE game mate! Mind you, it did take me a while to take in that it was 40mm and not 25..thought my eyesight had gone funny at first. Good looking game it was.
I know nothing of College food, as I left school at 16 and went to work, b'y students these days, grizzle grizzle... :-)

Andy McMaster said...

Thanks for the pictures. You did a much more thorough job than me! I missed the 40mm game as well.
Food was Ok there. Enjoyed my early breakfast! I'm generally not allowed a fry up at home!
The 'old school' game above was on the Society of Ancients stands and was part of two participation games using Neil Thomas's Ancient and Medieval Wargaming rules.

Peeler said...

Thanks for that Andy, I'd missed the SoA bit...I do like the way that they do their games the way THEY like them, it does make a nice contrast to the more modern terrain ones. It's good to see a variety I reckon. Those 40's have got me thinking... :-(

Tim_Waudby said...

Wow! Some fantastic photos there! I really should have gone to this show. The 40mm figures looked amazing but there is some serious painting work in there. You should be able to base the 40mm as you would for 25mm. They tend to look more realistic too. I have some 42mm AWI figures from Irregular Miniatures and some homecast things too but they are painted in a toy soldier style. Thanks for the show report! Tim.

Peeler said...

Hey up there Tim! Thanks for joining, good to see you on, and you've made a good start on your own Blog too. Basing 40mm...yes, oddly enough, they don't seem to take up much more, if any,frontage than 28mm... which is strange but true. This game did certainly stand out.
42mm AWI from IM eh..Hmm, sounds good and different, we may need to talk about that and get a game on soonest! :-)