Wednesday, 25 November 2009


A short post, with reference to my photo in the previous post, about the "Airfix Cromwell tank on the bridge"... I did chuckle at the different thoughts & comments on it.. was it Airfix or Matchbox, was it a Cromwell, Comet or even a Sherman... do any of us have a decent memory these days? Well, clearly, I haven't..
I would agree that it was actually a Matchbox rather than an Airfix kit, on thinking of it after reading the Comments, which were much appreciated! .. BUT I would be sure that it was NOT a Sherman tank.. No, I definitely remember it being a or maybe a Comet...and then a chap, Richard, posted this Link to me at TMP..
Just shows you eh! But at least we now know.. :-)
Regards and smiles all round,


paulalba said...

LOL, Peeler you are nuts!
That's great :-)

My memory is pretty bad these day's but my nephews still have a stash of my old Matchbox kits and use them with their 20mm WW2 wargames.

Keep up the great work on your blog, really good fun.
Best regards

P.S. I don't know how that last post of mine disappeared? The weather here is crazy and the computer went down as I hit post?

Pat G said...

I remember spending a lot of time on the water in the Humber crater. I also recall the flash being particularly troublesome on the Firefly bogies.

Wow that was a long time ago. ;)

Andy McMaster said...


You hitting SMOGGY this Saturday?


Peeler said...

Paul, it's a good job we can laugh at ourselves eh.. and have a lot to laugh at too... if we took ourselves tooo seriously, we'd just be unhappy. I'm stil gobsmacked that it was actually a Sherman, because I KNOW that it was a ...never mind, I was wrong... :-) Worse still maybe, I called my photo a Cromwell, and it is actually a Comet..I'll stick to Naps I think. Ah, that post, I have just deleted it, as it only said "Deleted by Author".. no worries, thanks for all your posts, thoroughly enjoyed!

Pat, Hi, nice to have you on, I did like the Humber Armoured Car,it was a 'cutie' of a model.

Andy, yes mate, we're dooing a nap Naval game at Smoggy, so see you there!

Poacher said...

I found the early Matchbox ones were marvellous litle kits.

The later ones tended to get a bit TOO over-ambitous in the number of parts, and could be a right pain to build. I am thinking of the CharB era, there.

Can't comment on the amount of flash as the moulds got older, but the early Comet, Chaffee and Sherman Firefly were wonderfully easy to build. One just cut the bits off the sprue, put them back in the box with a tube of glue, shook hard, and the model made itself!!

And the track link design!! No-one has beaten it. Simple, effective and strong. No need for heated srewdrivers, etc.

For those who don;t know, Revell bought these moulds and have now re-worked them, and relase a few each year. They are excellent little kits, and not expensive either.

Peeler said...

Sounds good, still available-ish then.. I like the thought of parts mixed with glue and given a shake in a box.. :-)

paulalba said...

Mr Peeler,
Thought you might find this of interest. We finally got our Zombie project on the go:
Sorry to link it here but don't know how else to get it to you.

Peeler said...

Paul, thanks for that, duly Followed! No problem at all with linking it here, tis what Blogs are for. That all looks good, esp the wrinkly's, they seem to get forgotton in Zombie games. Picked up a couple of boxes of Blue Moon Zombs at SmoggyCon today..I need to get on it and game it fairly soon.