Saturday, 6 February 2010

Blog Birthday!

Well by gum, it's one year old today, so Happy Birthday to me Blog! When I started this up, I wasn't at all sure how it would go, it all being new territory to me, but I have to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been stress, hassle and pressure free, I've met up with some old friends, made some new chums along the way and found a whole new world of Wargame blogs, with all the quality and interesting posts on them, so Thanks to all you Bloggers, Followers and Posters alike for the extra interest, enjoyment and inspiration you've given me.

Gaming for me this year has been much more frequent, varied and enjoyable than in previous years, for which I'm grateful to my chums in our Yorkshire Coast Wargames group. We've gamed at least once most weeks, and sometimes more. Heck, we've done Napoleonics, ACW, Zulu, WW2, Medieval Fantasy, Futuristic, Ancients, Zombies, Space Marines, board games, computer games, attended several shows, putting games on at some and 'just visiting' others, both equally enjoyed, as well as had a few weekends away for specific large games. Our games are played in a pleasant amiable way, and have a good social side to them too, usually revolving around food, beer and gaming for the simple enjoyment of it. The next year should see some new games & periods added to our mixed inventory, as well as some new rules and terrain pieces.

So, it's been a thoroughly good gaming year, thanks to all, and I look forward to more of the same over the coming year. To finish, here's the cake that Junior & MiniPeeler made, as it's also my birthday too. Sorted!



Conrad Hawkwood said...

Happy blogday to you Peeler..

paulalba said...

Happy Blogday Mr Peeler,
It's been really enjoyable following your blog. Look forward to another year of Blogging fun!

johnpreece said...


I have enjoyed the variety of posts and sharing the obvious fun that your group has when playing.

Looking forward to another year.


Andy McMaster said...

Happy Birthday, blog and Peeler!

Look forward to following the next year


Poacher said...

Happy Birthday, and hope there's lots more witterign to come...!!


Richie the Darklord said...

A belated happy birthday Peeler. If I'd known I'd have got you something. Happy blogday as well.

Giles said...

Happy birthday, Peeler! Best wishes to you, Mrs Peeler and all the Peeler-offspring.


Peeler said...

I'm touched! Thankyou all.