Friday, 23 April 2010

St George's Day.

Once again, the Flag of England was raised above Peeler Mansions, in celebration of Englands Day. Seems a shame to me that whilst other parts of the UK can have their own day, England seems to get left behind, and that some political types have hijacked both this flag and the Union flag for their own ends, particularly as it's election time at the moment. All that shouting and yarping and arguing on, there's just no need for it really, it's all just hot air, like you get from a volcanic eruption... a nice pleasant gentle discussion is all thats needed, in a good old genteel English way.
Here's a Link to The Royal Society of St George, an admirable and pleasant Society to be a member of..
A Happy St George's Day to you all, and God Bless England, Harry and St George!


Pat G said...

As a first generation colonial of mixed English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and whatever mix came out of the East End of London, God(s) Bless England, Harry and St George!

And God(s)bless the Commonwealth, Britons never will be slaves (wherever we find ourselves).

Peeler said...

Oh yes indeedy! I often think we could do with a Commonwealth resurgence, the world would be a better place for it. Cheers Pat!

paulalba said...

Great to see fresh posting Mr P. Hope you had the chance to enjoy some good British ales on St. Georges day!

Peeler said...

Hi Paul, yes sadly my posting time has dipped away of late, but I'll be back up and running soonest.
St Georges Day ales, I was on Nights that weekend, so was teetotal. I've made up for it since though. :-)