Saturday, 23 April 2011

St George's Day.

God Bless Elizabeth, England & St George!!

It's St Georges Day, and at Peeler Mansions we have a new & well proper looking flag pole up & running. After a fair bit of drilling, brick dust tasting and scuffing of knuckles, we were sorted and happily flying a large 5x3 foot St George Cross again. This particular pole is made for easy change of flags, so we're also prepared with a new Union flag for the wedding this coming week.

The same weekend also has our WD3 game at Ayton Village hall, and here's a preview of the not quite finished Lord Peelers forces..

I'm hoping that they perform quite well on the day, as this will be their very first outing. The campaign moves, and preview of the coming 18thC game can be found on the good & very well organised Mr Henry Hydes Blog, here .. and also on the WD3 Forum itself on various posts .. There's also other games on, including Norman's Viking, Tim's Toy Soldier & Bob's VBCW, to name but three. I think it's going to be a cracking weekend ...!



Ken said...

Very nice Mr Peeler! Look forward to meeting you and the rest of the WD3 gang on Friday


Conrad Kinch said...

A very proper flag pole. Compliments of the day to you, however belated. Best of luck in the game to come.

Giles said...

Hurrah for Saint George! Double hurrah for Kate and Wills! Triple hurrah for Ayrton!!

paulalba said...

Sounds like it will be a great weekend Mr P. Cool looking armies you guys are putting together.
Have a great time!
Awe ra best

paulalba said...

Hi Mr P,
Just to let you know I have nominated you/your blog for the stylish blogger award!!!

Keep up the great work!!!
Best Regards