Tuesday, 10 January 2012

2012 &DBN Armies ...

Well here we are in 2012 then eh! Where on earth did the last year go? So I thought, it's about time I got back onto my Blog, so I log on & find that it's all gone Fubar. Apparently my computer no longer supports the browser. Or the other way round maybe ... so I had to book into Google Chrome? Did that, eventually, and here it is .. I'm not quite sure what it will look like, and I have to say - I don't like change! Though to be fair, the photo upload was very quick. I suppose it's progress then. And maybe I'm just being a grumpy (getting) old technophobe, but I do wish 'they' would just stop changing things when what we had worked perfectly well. Phew, there, rant over. I shall have to persevere. 
So, a belated Happy New Year to you all, I hope it's a good one for you. The Peeler family had a quiet stopping in sort of Christmas/New Year this time, following the previous two years Yuletide events of myself & Mrs P losing our respective Fathers, and I'm happy to say that this year passed without anything major happening. I worked Nights in between, and that was fairly quiet too, with only the odd stabbing here & a slashing there, but overall, fairly quiet.
So, on to the wargaming wittering! As with some other gamers, I've decided - nay, decreed - that this year I must & will get my wargaming house in order. I have too many part started nearly finished not quite done or yet to start projects sat in boxes, and so I have, at last, got my butt into gear with my 15mm DBNapoleonics, and finally got them all based up. (All the painted ones that is, there are still several hundred unpainted to sort yet.) They are a mixture of figures, MiniFigs bought from BobofBrompton,Grubby Tanks Figures, and AB, some of which I have even painted myself! 
Here's some random photos of them anyway - 

a Brigade of French Light cavalry..      

and a Brigade of French Allies Heavy cavalry .. 

A unit of elite British Riflemen .. 

A unit of French Light Infantry..  

and a Brigade of close order muskets, these ones are French Allies also.  

You'll get the picture then, that for DBN, you don't need many figures, and each base represents an awful lot of troops, about 2500 for foot & 1250 for mounted. So here's the Brits .. 
 The Prussians ..
The French .. 
French Allies .. 
More French Allies .. 
Spanish .. 
Altogether, around 1400 foot, 200 mounted &  20 guns so far. This may not sound like an awful lot, but then 8 foot figures represents a Brigade - so in fact me armies are rather large, and in the case of the Spanish, perhaps even larger than the historical army was - so I may even end up selling some bits. And thus funding some others. Or funding the painting of some of my unpainted piles. Next to do is to paint, basetex  & flock the bases up & then .. get them on the table, which I'm sure will impress Mr Testo. 
When that's done,I'll need to sideline onto my 25mm SYW so as to be ready for the Ayton bash in May, then I think back to the Naps again. Then onto 15m Marlburians, and to get all my unpainted stuff painted, based & playable with by the end of 2012!! 
Well, that's the plan anyway .... I'll let you know how I get on. 


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

That's an impressive amount of figures in my book! Good luck on your goals!


Conrad Kinch said...

Well done on amassing that collection. I had my first working Christmas this year. It sounds like mine was a little bit like yours.

sebastosfig said...

Impressive amount of nappy figures indeed. I don't think I have that many... Naa, I'm kidding.

Tim_Waudby said...

I'm fairly sure you're not supposed to stab n slash the cons, but better them than you. I no longer work Christmas, not after the last 'hostage' situation. That and they can't afford me anymore.

So many Naps it makes my head spin! Are you basing up 8 a base as Alex does? I have a Finnymigs Prussian army in the post to me but I was intending to base up just as 4 per 40x20mm base. I just wanted a playable army for quick games as a sideline. I just got some Perry 28mm Prusians today that I'm basing for Napoleon/Black Powder. It'll be a long while before I field an army of 28's though. Happy gaming for 2012!

paulalba said...

You've been keeping these quiet!!
They look excellent.
Keep em coming and good to see ya back posting.

Ken said...

Blimey! You've been busy, thats an impressive amount of figures painted up.



johnpreece said...

Very nice amount of Napoleonics there. Congratulations and best of luck with this years goals.

I found myself thinking along the same lines as you. When you're twenty, a year might take in several house moves, a career change and a couple of girlfriends. Now I think Im busy if I can paint more than 50 figures. Time seems to move at a different speed.


Peeler said...

Impressive it may be, but I plan on having yet more! And more .... you can never have enough can you? Con, your first Christmas eh, thoughts are with you mate, I only have 5 more to go :-)Sebas, I'm sure you have looots more! Tim, look forwad to seeing them - Bob does 4/3/2 to a base, Alex does 8/6/3, I'm doing mine as per the Alex as I game with him more often and I like the look of it, tho 4 plays ok too. Paul, they sort of got ammassed and all of a sudden they burst out of the box ...! Ken, I can't claim to have painted them all myself sadly :-( And John, hi, and yes how right you are! Cheers all.

paulalba said...

Nice looking game Mr P!!!


ohh Its brutal genial!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers! :)