Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Pie Post.

As you may be aware, a lot of our group's general wargaming hobby enjoyment comes from food - and in particular, from the joy of pies. We went along to The SmoggyCon show last November and put on a DBZulu/Brit game, the pictures & quality write up of which can be seen on Andy's 'Slight Diversion' Blog,

On the way home of course, our journey took us near to the seaside town of Whitby, which had long been rumoured to boast a pie shop of distinction. As we had time to do so, we made a short detour, and were overjoyed to find said pie shop, on the southern part of the town, just over the swing bridge and on the right, next to a useful & spacious car park.   

Outside, it looks the very picture of one of those 'happy places' that you come across from time to time, whilst inside, though small, it has bags of local & nostalgic character, helped along by the pleasantness of the staff, who clearly enjoy their work.

And here it is - the steak pie version, with lashings of mashed potatoe, peas, and a goodly ladle of gravy, supported by a decent mug of tea. It was, I have to say, a sheer delight, and if you're ever in the area, make sure you call in. You won't be disappointed. If you like pie, that is.  

Regards, Peeler


simon t said...

Looks very tasty. There really should be more pastry related posts on wargaming blogs.

paulalba said...

LOL, a tad to much gravy for my liking however it was your pie so good on you!!!

Steve Gill said...

Ooh lovely. Please do post pie pictures whenever you get the chance :-)

Anonymous said...

After Christmas I was obliged to go shopping with the family in Oxford which was the standard post christmas sales nightmare.

The only redeeming feature of the whole day was visiting a fantastic traditional fish shop in the covered market where I bought a couple of smoked whitby kippers. I had them next day for breakfast and next to my wargaming in History Volume 5 book, they were my Christmas highlight.

3 cheers for whitby's food and this pie shop looks an absolute gem.


Pat G said...

I must disagree with paulalba. That looks like just the right amount of gravy to mix into the mash.

I am looking forawrd to our visit to the UK this Fall - real beer and real pub food!

paulalba said...


I like my pies as god intended them ;0)

On their own with their own juices!

However if another gent would prefer to smother his in gravy then so be it. I will not stand in his way ;0)

(by the way I would have happily eaten said pie!!!). the commented after you understand. Especially if someone else was buying in a true Scottish manner.

Peeler said...

:-) Lots of chuckles, thanks all! As said, pie chomping is a very personal thing - I take my pie as it comes, when it comes - I'd best shut up, I'm beginning to sound a tad smutty....

johnpreece said...

If you ever go down to colours in Reading may I suggest Sweeneys and Todd. A pie shop a street from the Hexagon.

True it is a soft southern pie shop and you are likely to find Cherry and Hare or Goose and gooseberry. But not badly priced, it used to keep a good pint of Wadworths 6X and the pies are very good.

To be honest I was a bit too poor to eat regularly there back then but I did used to buy broken pies after the morning bake and eat them from a brown paper bag down by the river.


Anonymous said...

Not a great fan of short crust pastry - I'm a puff pastry man (whew! thank god I spelled that right!) Talking about spelling. Potatoe? Potatoe? Shades of Dan Quayle there, Peeler!


Peeler said...

:-) A pie is a pie, however it is eaten.
As is a spud!