Monday, 27 July 2009

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In Praise of Traders..
I read a post on a Wargames Site a while ago, complaining (rightly or wrongly, I don't know) about some Company or other. And I thought to myself, we can all be quick to complain, but slow to praise, so here's some praise and thanks to some Traders I've had dealings with lately..

East Riding Miniatures-I ordered, by phone, some pre-cut bases, and recieved them in two days-before I'd even paid for them. I ordered somemore, by email, and the second order and the cheque crossed in the post, again received within a few days. The bases have a very clean and accurate cut, and that is a swift and trusting delivery each time.

Old Glory-many moons ago I ordered a Prison Wagon, for use with my Village Wars project. After a fair bit of effort, OG managed to obtain one from the US supplier, and also took the time to find another wagon which fits my project perfectly. Once obtained, they were swiftly delivered. Good memory, effort, and thoughtful too.

S&A Scenics-I phoned them, discussed their various road systems, and after ordering, mentioned that I needed them quickly for the Elvington game. I received the set within three days. Helpful, and a swift delivery too.

TSS Terrain-I'd been talked into making a 'Treasure Island' board for a local school fair, so I turned to TSS, and after a pleasant chat (as always), I'd ordered various hills (to use as Islands), and they offered to 'chuck in' a volcano of charge, and in what was a busy week for them personally, I received said parcel within a week.

I'd like to thank and recommend the above firms, for the quality of their products, their helpfulness and swift deliveries. Their efforts make the hobby all the more pleasant and enjoyable.

Cheers one and all!

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