Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Treasure Island Board

Here'a few photos of the Treasure Island Board, it's a simple layout, so that at the school fete the kids can stick pins in the islands, in a bid to pinpoint where the treasure is hidden. I've no idea what the prize will be, but no doubt it wil be something to do with chocolate and eating. The water parts do actually look better in reality, a bit more sea-like and covered with a gloss paint with glitter in it. I didn't think this would work, but on seeing it dry, it does look pretty good and sparkly. (Honest!)

Together with a few pirate ships, it should be ok. And it made me think of a naval game we could play, so I may have to ask to borrow it back sometime..
As said below, islands were supplied by TSS, and they donated the volcano, so thanks again to them.

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