Saturday, 18 September 2010

Peeler Family Holidays.

The Peeler Family enjoyed a couple of weeks away this summer, firstly in not so sunny Scotland, near to Dunoon on the Clyde. Twas a generally rainy place, but the pleasantness of the people there more than made up for that.
The view as we crossed by ferry, which was pretty good fun really. There was an awful lot of low cloud around at the time.

We cycled .. yes, me too .. around Holy Loch, for around 14 miles. Although enjoyable, it also hurt, and I decided to take the car next time.

I can't remember the name of this Church, but we made a point of climbing the slight hill to have a look at it.

I think this was Largs, wonderful Memorial, and a really nice place, with a great ice cream shop too.

This ship was on the Clyde, Mrs Peeler reckoned it was French.

The Peeler Family at War .. laser guns in the woods sort of game, right good fun with around twenty people involved. We came out tops, the organiser was impressed with our game plans and flanking movements, but was less impressed with myself for having a fag whilst hiding in a bush during the Evasion game. They still didn't find me though. The way the games went to close quarters, I was just relieved that Mini-Peeler didn't have a bayonet attachment.

The week in London had better weather, and having gone there most years recently, I have to say it somehow just seemed a happier more contented city this time. People were more at ease and less rushed. We did the usual sites, Horseguards & St James etc. The Household museum was a useful place to see, and the Household Division "Mission Statement" was a joy to read .."To protect the Sovereign from all enemies foreign and domestic" .. none of that modern pc rubbish there!

This Monument always gets to me, I don't know why.

And this lot get to me too, I do know why, but I'd best not say so here. I'm all for democracy and free speech and so on, but right opposite Parliament for goodness sake .. Clear off you scruffy looking lot! Get a job! And so on..

I did notice that there were a lot more Union flags around, perhaps due to the new Coalition Government we have now. It certainly made the place look better, and I for one applaud it. I can't even estimate the size of the flag flying over Parliament, except to say that It Was Big, and was probably a hazard to low flying helicopters and suchlike.

I won't bore you with all the other photos, suffice to say that we had a jolly nice time each week, which was especially good as with Junior being 17 now, it could be the last of such holidays that he comes with us on, as he hopes to join the Navy next year.
So, we're all home again, had a few weeks back at work, and these two weeks are already becoming distant memories. Still, I am on with sorting my gaming room out, so normal gaming type posts should resume shortly.
A welcome to Sean, latest Follower, thanks for joining, hope you enjoy the Blog.


Conrad Hawkwood said...

good one mate , good one..

paulalba said...

Hello Mr P,
Just missed you by a couple of weeks. I was in Largs for a short stay 6-9th Sept.

The weather was scorching!!!!! :-)

Nice report,

Giles said...

Mark - next time you're in London do let me know. Eldest at 17, eh? ****dy hell - to think Hugo's only 9 months....

About 80% (I reckon) of Londoners agree with you re Parliament Square!


guy said...

Re flags: here at Windsor there's always one flying and of course when HM is here the royal standard. However on high days and holidays they put up this vaste royal standard which I am assured is the size of a tennis court. Most impressive especially when floodlit.


Peeler said...

Thanks for the kind comments Gents.
Conrad .. Thanks!
Paul .. You used up all the sun!
Giles .. thanks, will do. GdB game in November?
Guy .. Hi, and I would so like to see that Flag!
Regards all,

Red_Cardinal said...

"I'm all for democracy and free speech and so on, but right opposite Parliament for goodness sake"

I think that's the point isn't it? Or would you rather they were tucked away out of sight?

Personally, I'm always wary of people who say "I'm all for... but..."

Btw, is having a job in some way superior to protesting about something? For all you know, the people protesting outside Parliament gave up jobs to do so.

At least they feel strongly enough about something to protest about it.

Sorry to go on a mini rant here but please don't be so intolerant :)

Peeler said...

Hi Red, no problem, that was a only a very small rant by ranting standards! :-)
I do think you can be in favour of 'whatever', and that there is always going to be a 'but', as if there isn't, things get skewed too far in one direction. As in, yes you have the right to protest in the big city, BUT you can't be holding up the traffic ALL day. One's man's right is sometimes the cause of another mans problems, and the two have to be worked out to some degree. In this case, the protesters permanantly spoil the look of parliament square, which I think is a shame.
I guess you'll maybe just have to be tolerant of my opinion! :-)