Saturday, 11 April 2009

Day Out At Eden Camp..

With the boys being off school, we had ourselves a day out at the nearby Eden Camp, between Pickering and Malton. It was originally built during WW2 as a POW Camp, and still has the original buildings. It is a good historical venue, tempered for a 'family day out', and I think they've got the mix just right.
Each Hut has a different theme, be it Blitz, India, d-Day etc, with information and artifacts. It's not too heavy, and local schools use it a lot, to give children a basic understanding of WW2. There's also some pretty good vehicles and tanks..and a rather good 'NAFFI' with Churchill Pie, Dambuster Pudding and so on..and a good selection of liquid refreshments..
Around the Huts, and some displays..
German above, and British below, shows the difference in National Mood rather nicely..

A shop display of the period..a necessity for me, preferably with the tea car nearby, with pies available..

One of the Huts was done out as the internals of a U-Boat.
Whilst another was displaying the 'Black Out' during the Blitz..this one shows MiniPeeler standing in the corner, you can just make out his trainers glowing..
Various Military vehicles etc on site, which I'm sure I don't need to label..I particularly liked the last one. Sadly you aren't allowed to 'play on them', (we never really grow up do we!), but they are all in good condition.
All in all, a good day out was had, and at a mere £5 a head, it was well worth the money. Even the NAFFI was reasonably priced, and the scoff could not be faulted. If you're ever up this way, I'd recommend a visit.
Oh, and Welcome to David, latest 'Follower', hope you enjoy the Blog, and look forward to any comments you'd like to post.


Alex said...

not sure about your drinking partner, the 'camp' German in the Camp Bar.....but it was a funny old war.

Peeler said...

:-) Funny bunch, those Germans.. thank goodness they lost, or we'd all be drinkng Heiniken. :-(

Giles said...

Excellent photos!


mrfarrow2u said...

Superb, you can't beat a day out at Eden Camp. My only gripe is that the kids aren't allowed to climb on the kit. Aaahh Health & Safety....

By the way Peeler I've swapped in my blue tabs for black ones.. ;o)

Peeler said...

Hi Giles! It's the limit of my technical ability. :-)
Hi MrF, agreed! And large Congratulations to you feller.