Monday, 27 April 2009

The Gurkhas..

You've probably heard about this, with Joanna Lumley fronting the campaign. You can register your support for the Gurkha's by visiting this Site..
"The Government decision of 25th April 2009 on Gurkha settlement rights is yet another huge betrayal of the Gurkhas who have served our country."


johnpreece said...

hanks for posting that link, I signed up today.

I won't say anything about this government, because I coudn't stop if I started.

By the way I like your peninsula battle very much, thanks for the pictures always a pleasure.


Peeler said...

:-) Deep breath, John, there'd always be "And another thing..."
Glad you enjoyed the write up.

Poacher said...

What a bunch of maggots this government is....

johnpreece said...

Oh no, I've started him off now. He'll be on for weeks and we are playing a game this weekend!

Peeler said...

Ha haa! And another thing...grizzle grizzle and another thing..grizzle grizzle..! The last time I saw Poacher we had a right good gameing grizzling beery weekend. :-)It was wonderful.
Hey, have a good game and lets see some pictures. Best wishes to you both.