Wednesday, 1 April 2009

GdB Game

We had a General de Brigade Peninsular bash a while ago, at Peeler Mansions, on a four foot square table, using TSS boards and hills, random trees, and Old Glory 10mm figures. We kept it relatively small..for the French, 8 Btns in two Brigades, 2 Regt of lancers (one veteran), and 3 Batteries, for the Allies, 3 Btns of British (one elite) and 4 Btns of Spanish Infantry (all militia), with 2 Regts of Spanish cavalry in one Brigade (militia Lights), and 1 Regt of British Heavies in another, one Spanish and two British Batteries, with the usual Generals and skirmishers. I think around 1500 figures on the table. Allies defending, as a reargurad, French attacking. The French had a definite Quality advantage!

The Allies set up, with the British to the Right, Spanish to the Left, each flanked by their respective Cavalry supports. .

The French set up, with ,(from the Allied perspective), Cavalry to the Left, and an infantry Brigade each in the Centre and Right, both supported by Artillery.

The French advanced along the line as the Allies waited, taking of tobacco and munchies. The action began with a cavalry fight on the left, with one Regt on each side failing 'To charge' morale and Faltering. Not good for the French, but worse for the Spanish, being mere Militia. In they went, for a hack and slash experience.

The larger French Lancer Regt pushed the weaker Spanish Dragoons back to the rear, worrying the nearby Spanish Btns into square, and forcing the accompanying battery to deploy to face them.
And surprisingly, the other Spanish Regt mixed it quite well with the Veteran Vistula Lancers, both achieving 'push backs' over the next few moves melee, which went one way then the other.
In the Centre, the British skirmishers took on their French counterparts, ahead of a Brigade
formed up in column of attack...
..whilst the British Btns formed into line along the ridge, supported by artillery.
British skirmishers forced to retire before the oncoming columns..not a problem..
And the same view from the French side..
Back on the Left, the Vistula Lancers retired for the day, taking no further part in the game, as did the Spanish Dragoons..
And a Spanish square took heavy casualties from the French artillery, causing it to retreat altogether. In fact, apart from deploying the artillery, this was the only movement by the Spanish..the CinC couldn't get them to move, nor the Brigade General either. Useless!!
Having seen off the Vistula Lancers, and feeling all bullish, the remaining Spanish took on the other French Regt..and got trounced, routed, and chased around the table until they were worn out. But at least it kept the French lancers busy for a while!
On the Right, the British Heavy cavalry moved out to threaten the French 2nd Brigade, which was also coming on in column. This did halt them and forced them into square, but as the Heavies stood there looking threatening, but not really wanting to take on a square, they were taking casualties from skirmish fire..
So in they went, with a large Hurrah! And then a large 'bounce off' as the square held, and a quick trot back to where they'd started. Hey ho!
Back to the Centre, and just as the French columns go in against the British Lines, their supporting artillery manage to Falter the British Elite Btn. Hmm....things were looking bleak..
..but only resulted in a Pushback, so not too bad really...(being Elite, and uphill, helped)..
...but then, the other Column forced the British Line into a Retreat, whilst the Battery got pummelled by skirmish and artillery fire and was Faltered...Hmm, looking even more bleak then...
..but next round, and the Elites recovered to push the French back down the hill...whilst the Retreating British Btn degenerated into a Rout...'Oh For Flips Sake'...causing a Brigade Morale test...
A view of the same scene, from the French side..Looking Good!..
The dice roll on the aforementioned Brigade Morale test...causing it to Break, and Retire, off the it was never there..Leaving the remnants of the Heavy cavalry to the Right, and the 'We ain't moving' Spanish on the Left...
Needless to say, the British cavalry retired from the field in good order, covering the 'somewhat confused' British infantry Brigade. The Spanish Brigade just legged it, headed for the hills, discarding arms and equipment as they went. Apart from the Artillery, which let of a few rounds toward the French.
A victorious French Btn occupies the hill previously vacated by the Brits,
And French General R. De'Lord waves his arms around and shouts about how easy it was, and so on, in a typically French manner. The British General Peeler, showing great restraint, merely sighed, rolled a fag, and put the kettle on.


Richie the Darklord said...

It was indeed a good game, I wasn't overly optimistic to begin with as the last time I'd only ever won one game previously and that was with help from Hairy Dave. This was just simply a nice friendly game, just the thing to get us in the mood for Salute the next day. Great write up Peeler.

Peeler said...

Hi RD, it was indeed!

mrfarrow2u said...

Nice looking game Peeler, how long did it take to play?

All the Best

Peeler said...

Hi Mr F, took about 3 hours I think, including tea and fag breaks. :-)We weren't rushing though, so it could be done quicker if you wanted to.

Richie the Darklord said...

It's not as fun though if you just try to rush through it. It's nice to play at a leisurly pace in my opinion and have a good laugh at the same time.

Peeler said...

Oh aye, too true. Best not to try something too big, given what time limit you have, which is why this one was a tad smaller than usual, which helps the leisurly aspect too.

Richie the Darklord said...

and we even had time to kill a few zombies too. Can't be bad.