Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Border Reiver Show, Newcastle, 5th Sep 09.

We trotted up to this show, and needless to say, a really good day was had by all. This show has run for around 15 years I think, and it just gets bigger and better each time that I've been. The venue itself and parking are good, (the Metro Radio Arena),though to be fair the lighting does leave something to be desired in places!
We gathered in the early morning gloom at Peeler Mansions, loaded the car with the gear needed for our Napoleonic 10mm game, and set off, nice and early so as not to have to rush. Realising that we needed to save some space for two TSS boxes from the show, we had to pass on the Naval game, so we'll do that one another time. Soon, the only sound in the car was that of gentle snoring. Using the satnav, it was an easy enough journey, though oddly as we turned off the bridge, it directed us to a dead end under another bridge by the arena, where we joined other gamers engaged in doing u-turns. Still, we got parked soon after, and got unloaded.
As it happened, our game table was betwixt TSS and Caliver-can't complain with that eh! After picking up a pre-order of 2ft square 20mm tiles and hills from TSS, in the new varied grass colours, we set up our game in about a half hour..2ft tiles certainly are easy to use.
There were a lot of quality games on, all of them interesting, here's some pictures of them. Like I say, the lighting wasn't too good in places..
Here's our game..
Durham Wargames Club 1837 Spanish Game..
Tyneside Wargames Club Napoleonic 10mm Game..
Dumfries Wargames Very British Civil War 1938 Game, colourful and imaginative stuff, more pictures and a write up here at GWP..
I didn't get all the club names, but here's a selection of the others, all impressive stuff..

This photo does not do the model justice..

A colourful and varied selection, I'm sure you'll agree. There was a fair amount of goodies for sale, I meant to get some Warlord plastic Zombies, but missed out, so I'll order them soonest (oh no, another period..). Packing up time was around half three, after a good natter with TSS and paying for the new boards. We had considered making a run for it with the boards, but were assured by the TSS crew that we wouldn't get out alive. So we paid up. Better skint then dead I reckon.
All in all, a good day was had, nice to see various chums, Norman, TSS, Andy, and to meet up with some bods from GWP.


Andy McMaster said...

Nice write up. I wish I'd taken more pictures but I only had my phone with me and the camera is rather poor.

The Bloodbowl game did look good though, even if not my area of interest.

10mm does look good though. If only I didn't have so much investedin 15mm!


Peeler said...

Thanks Andy, yes the Bloodbowl game was well put together.
I had a fair bit of 15mm, but sold it up in favour of 10's a few years back, wanted the mass effect look of 6mm but found them just a bit small.
Mind you, I do have 15mm for DBN still..can't quite give them up!

mrfarrow2u said...

Looks like it was a good show, normally has a decent Bring n Buy as well.

Alas, the call of duty this year so we couldn't make it.

All the Best

Peeler said...

Hi MrF, aye the B&B is usually pretty good and varied stuff. A lot seemed cheaper than usual too. I'm trying for days off for Derby, Middlesborough, Fiasco and Recon Pudsey.....ever hopeful! :-)