Thursday, 3 September 2009

Northumbria, Bamburgh Castle

Now I don't want you to think that a Peeler's life is all holidays, but we also had a week in Northumbria this summer, since which I have been back to work, so life's not all fun and holidays! If you haven't been to this north of England county, I strongly suggest you pay a visit, it's a wonderful place. Peaceful, polite, pleasant, the word "nice" does not do it justice really.
The beer's good too, as Norman and I found out on the Saturday night. Me.." What time does the bar shut?"..Barman.."When you want to go home." Can't argue with that, and it would be rude to leave before you really had to. Northumbrian Ale, 80 Shilling, and Coggie Roggie (or similar!), it was all good. We ended up leaving only when we really had to go and have a lie down.
I have to say, Norman cycled there from Newcastle..and back, I won't mention the lycra, as that would just be crass, but I was impressed at his commitment to both excercise and the beer trade, and it was good to see him. Cheers Norman!
As one does when in Northumbria, we visited a fair few castles and historic sites, so I thought I'd post up a few pictures now and again, in between wargames posts.
Bamburgh Castle, home to the Kings of Northumbria, was completely restored in 1900. It has some outstanding collections of china, porcelain, furniture, paintings, arms and armour, and is the home of the Armstrong family. The rocky outcrop has been occupied since the prehistoric period, and the present fortress is the result of restoration and expansion over the centuries, a building of historic and general interest with the public tour passing through the museum room, grand kings hall, cross hall, armoury and the Victorian scullery. So says the linked advert, and it is an outstanding place to see. Sadly, it doesn't allow photography inside. Understandable, I suppose..
It does house some very nice artillery pieces..

Inside the walls, the buildings are impressive, and well kept.

The castle also houses an interesting Armstrong-Vickers museum, with a shedload of aircraft parts and stuff, and this..

..a very nice ships gun..sadly it didn't have a tow point on it.

By night, it was well lit up, and stood out for literally miles.

And this is a kiln, on nearby Beadnell beach. Looks fairly castle like though..

I'll post up pictures of the other castles at intervals, I don't want to overdo it, and become a "Castles & Wittering Site"..though that may not be too bad a thing really.
It's the 3rd September today, and on this day 70 years ago....our thoughts and thanks go to those who served, in whatever role. God Bless them all.
This Saturday, the 5th, is the Newcastle Border Reiver Show, we're putting on a 10mm Naps game and a Naps Naval game too, so if you're there, feel free to say Hello and partake of some gaming, wittering, tea and buns.
Regards, Peeler


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