Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Holiday in London..

We had a week in the capital recently, and had a pleasant if busy time. London seemed quieter than in recent years, less people about and a lot less crush and rush going on. We did the usual tourist stuff, but unfortunately didn't manage to have tea with Elizabeth and Philip, and we didn't get even a glimpse of that Gordon chap either, but I did get some photos of various places of interest.
Here's the home of Parliamentary democracy. Looking good, on the outside at least.

Tower Bridge looked really good from the river boat.

Boris's office, all very modern and glassey. Impressive and interesting to see, but not sure I like the modern style of it over much.

HMS Belfast, still looking good. I sometimes wonder, if we brought these old ships out of retirement, refitted them, slapped modern missile systems on them, could we rule the waves again? Or at least our own waters?
The Tower of London, this entrance hasn't been used for a while.
The Greatest Briton Ever.
Some scruffy types exercising their democratic rights.
That chap Oliver Cromwell, creator of the New Model Army, General, Parliamentarian, Lord Protector and so on. Being a bit of a Loyalist Royalist myself, I do wonder if he could have tried just a bit harder to sort things out with Charles, maybe over a beer or two, and all that nasty beheading business may have been avoided.
The Cenotaph. God Bless them all, past, present and future.
Lord Nelson, keeping a watchful eye over England.
The RAF Memorial, near Windsor. This is a large, wonderful peaceful building, it really pulls at you, with all the names and ages on the walls, of people from all parts of the Commonwealth and beyond, who lost their lives.
An enjoyable time was had, seeing the above and other places besides. A trip to Duxford Imperial War Museum on the way up was a good way to finish the week, I'll post up those pictures later.


Giles said...

Nice pics, Peeler. I've often thought that the statue of Old Ironsides is out of place next to parliament, given that he set himself up as a new type of king once he'd had enough of MPs disagreeing with him....ghastly man.

Best wishes


Peeler said...

Thanks Giles. Yes, you make a fair point.
I suppose he started off as a good parliamentarian,full of good intent and so on, but then on gaining power just couldn't help but deny the important role of the Monarch, ride rough shod over parliament, and ignore publc opinion.
Quite ahead of his time in someways really.

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