Monday, 11 May 2009

Elvington WW2 Weekend Pictures..

It was Elvington WW2 weekend, 9/10th May, near York, and it was well worth the visit. Here's a selection of photos taken, there was an awful lot of military vehicles, reenactors, and a wargames show too. The whole thing had a really pleasant and friendly atmosphere, the exhibitors were more than willing to take the time to talk about their displays. The food was good too! This is an annual event, so if you're up this way next year, make a point of calling in. We did the show on the Saturday, and put on a wargame on the Sunday.

No idea why the Minor was there, but it looked good.
The wargames show was held in a hangar, and had a good variety of stalls. And being an Air Museum, a few planes too.

Some reenactors dressed as civilians, they looked and talked the part.
Around the stalls there was a fair selection of replica and deactivated weapons for sale. Oddly, you need a reenactor/actors licence to buy a replica, but not a deactivated. This pair were around £400 each I think. I was thinking of one in the front garden, but sadly, Mrs P said, "No".
Ah, a Peeler stall!
There were a few WW1 enactors too.
A fine selection of bombs in one hanger, the one on the left is a 'Tallboy' was huge.
Some of the reenactors kit...

Apparently a few people gave the 'Germans' some verbal grief, though to be fair their recruiting poster did make it clear that they were only reenacting.

A walk inside this Dakota was fun too.

These two chaps were brilliant, really living the part.

That was Saturday, a grand day out. There was an awful lot more to see than these pictures, and the Spitfire fly by was great. I'll put the wargame part on a different post I think.


Anonymous said...

The "WW1" guy is wearing a WW1 uniform and WW2 webbing.

Peeler said...

Hmm. You may have a point there. :-)
1937 webbing?