Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sewerby Hall Napoleonic Reenactment.

Last weekend, after a grand day at Scarborough Castle on the Saturday, on the Sunday we went to Sewerby Hall near Bridlington...not a bad sort of pad to be at...

It has an animal collection, the cutest of which were these penguins, which were surprisingly vocal.

But the main event was that it was a Napoleonic Reenactment day, put on by the 68th Durham Light Infantry, and the 21st Regiment de Ligne. They had camped over, with followers, baggage and so on, and really looked the part. The red jackets are actually (so I was told) still made by the same firm which made the originals..and contrary to what I've read somewhere, they weren't waterproof.

A chap of the 95th..

And a French Howitzer, surprising how large it was really. To say nothing of this Gunners hat..

Sadly they didn't fire it., but did give an interesting talk on the practicalities of firing it. In the French camp it was muster time.
And then time for a parade and a swift march about.
Whilst in the British camp, as befits our character, things were a lot more casual and laid back.
The conversation went along the lines of,"Eee, tha' sees them Frenchies are getting all worked up"..."Ah, damn their eyes"..

Battle was soon joined, and even with only twenty muskets firing, it soon created a fair old smoke cloud. With a few thousand going at it, I'd imagine you'd soon be in darkness. Makes you wonder about musketry ranges after a few rounds had been fired.
When the Brits got sorted after their initial surprise, they threw out a skirmish screen whilst the line reformed.

The French came on in column, with lots of "Allez" and "Vive la France" and suchlike. The audience got involved, and gave them a bit of verbal, "Oi Frenchie, get off our land" the lady was about 85, they politely ignored her, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I'm sure there's few AB poses in this picture..
After a bit of tooing and froing, lots of bangs and smoke, it was decided that the French had won the day...which brought on more verbal from the aforementioned lady, until she wore herself out. A march past followed..

By the French, then some 'baggage', then the Brits.

The French being the victors, did a circuit of the grounds. And they certainly weren't stopping for anyone who got in the way. Arrogant bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys! (They were actually very pleasant and happy to take time to talk whilst in camp).
By happy coincidence, the coastguard came out to play too.
It was a nice sunny day, and it's always good to see the uniforms, equipment, and to chat away with people who really know their stuff and so on.

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