Sunday, 24 May 2009

Wartime Weekend at Scarborough Castle and a Pencil Sharpner.

This weekend has been a well as having sunshine, it's been WW2 weekend at Scarborough Castle and Napoleonic Weekend at nearby Sewerby Hall! Total joy. WW2 at the Castle was a nice friendly affair and I just wish I'd remembered to change the batteries on my camera. (Duffush!!). Never mind, it was enjoyable anyway, and we got to handle the weaponry-it's surprising how heavy some of it is. I wouldn't like to run very far with an MG34 in my mitts. There was the usual 'battle display', and that showed just how loud guns are..which scared a fair few people present. Top of the day was a fly by of a Dakota...which was very quiet as it came up. One thing I noticed, was that some of the 'Germans' seemed to have Sten SMG's, but with the magazine underneath..I asked, and apparently it was an MP3/008 (?)...German made in 1944/5, as a copy of the basic Sten. Never seen one of them before, you learn something every day eh. All in all, a pleasant day was had.
Whilst in the Castle shop, I found this pencil sharpener, for a mere £2..I thought, hmm, painted up, that could be used in a future game..maybe with those Crusader 20mm plastics eh..
Oh, and a late welcome to Giles Allison and Astri, who've recently signed up as 'Followers'..Giles runs an excellent Blog called Tarleton's Quarter which is well worth a look at, and Astri seems to have a fair selection of Blogs too..welcome to both, hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful AWI games Giles.


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