Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fantasy Game, Defence of the Bell..

We got our Kallistra figures out and gave them a dusting off, for a general bash about, Humans and Elves defending (or trying to!) The Bell Ale House, The Windmill, Manor House and The Church. (Oh, and The Woodshed..) Capturing these would gain points for the Forces of Evil, made up of Orcs and Undead, who needed to also retain 'The Awful Ruins'.
For the buildings, we used our collection of 'Lilliput Lane' type models...not historically accurate, but well..when your using Elves and Orcs and Skeletons....
We used our house rules version of the DBn system, giving bonus to Spears, Zombies, and Elves.
The Bell Ale House, with the local peasantry hanging around it..

..whilst the disciplined Elven Spears form up to fight off the Orc hordes..

Over on the Right, having retired beforehand and given up the Windmill, the Humans make a stand against the Undead, inspired by supporting calls from the Ladies of the Woodshed, seen here nestling under the trees.

In front of the Bell, battle is joined with Horse and Chariots against Wolves and supporting Orcs.

Whilst on the Right, the brave Human Chariots give it a go against the Undead...bad move really, and they were just showing off to those aforementioned Ladies..

The melee on the Left continued, with lots of hacking and slashing from both sides, the Evils opening out to Flank the Elven Horse..

As the rigid Evlen Spears looked on unfazed, the Peasants began to realize that their Ale House was under threat, and moved up in boisterous mood..

On the Right, the Human Chariots held their own for a while, before being overwhelmed by Rhino Chariots joining in...(chariots pulled by Rhinos eh...you couldn't make it up could you)..

The Evils did get a bonus in this melee, as they had Wolves with teeth and Rhino's with horns against mere softy Horses..

Buoyed up by the success of their chariots, the Skeletons piled into the Humans, who resolutely defended The Ladies Woodshed...apart from one or two who couldn't resist the Ladies Wail, and left the ranks to enter the shed, fearing it may be their last opportunity for a while..
Whilst back at The Bell, the Elves more than held their own against the Orcs.
Bit of a disaster on the Right, as the Evil Chariots pile into the Human Spears, causing mass trampling and carnage.
The Elves began to get the upper hand, and flanked the Orcs, pushing then back.

And on the Right, the Evils massacred the remaining Humans, securing both the Windmill and Manor House, as well as the Ladies Woodshed..what happened in there is not really printable here..
Following the desecration of the Shed...which is now known as 'The Shed of Dread', the Evils quickly made their way across the field toward The Bell and The Church. Luckily, the Elves had just about stomped the Orcs into the ground, and seeing that the Ale House was about to be Rhino'd, the Peasants, fuelled up on the local brew, formed up for a ruck..
and actually took the charge! Must have been a good brew that they had..

As they fought it out, the Elves returned, and joining the fray, flanked the Rhino's...
..and fought off a flanking Skeleton Chariot too..
The Peasants lost heavily but fended off the attack, inspiring the Bell Landlord to declare 'drinks all round'..
It was an enjoyable fun game, with several 'special rules' put in, like some Humans being unable resist the Woodshed Ladies wailing and so leaving the ranks, whilst the Humans got a Bonus for defending near to The Church and Pub, thus being inspired by 'Belief and Brew'.
Overall, it was an Evil win, having taken the Windmill, Manor House and Woodshed, as well as retaining the 'Awful Ruins', which the Humans never even got near to.
Congratulations to the Evil Duo, Richie and Tod, and thanks to Alex for some inspired thoughts on the Woodshed.