Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas to All..

Well it soon comes up doesn't it eh! We only have all year, every year, to get organised and then all of a sudden it's here. Well, thanks to MrsP we are almost sorted, I've been on nights lately so haven't been much use really, and the MiniP's just haven't quite got round to sorting their music out for the Church Carol do... which is tomorrow. That's teenagers for you. Grump Grump from a Grumpy Father of two of them.
Anyway, I just wanted to say a Large Thank you to you dear gamers, posters, readers, followers, Blog writers and such like, for the gaming, advice and enjoyment you've given me through this and other Blogs. It's much appreciated, and has enhanced my enjoyment of our hobby. Thank you.
Here's a shameless plug .. one of our local gamers, Davey Nicoll, through the extensive studio facilities of Hairy Dave & Chums, has recorded a Christmas Song, festively entitled "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!" When you have a few minutes spare, have a click on here.. .. click on the song list on the right, sit back and have a listen.
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all,

Monday, 14 December 2009

SmoggyCon Show.

A bit late I know, but we've done two shows and a few games recently, painted and based lots, and what with work, home, pub etc, it just ain't left much time really. Hey ho.
Here's some really good news though.. my local has started serving hot pies at the bar, all day long, and half price after midnight...just goes to show, as you start getting the winter blues, something wholesome comes along to cheer you up.
So, Nov 28th we went along to SmoggyCon in Middlesborough, (Post Title is Linked), I think this show has replaced the now sadly defunct Stockton Show, and I have to say it's made a good start, and I for one hope it goes from strength to strength. I'm sure it will, as a good and pleasant day was had.
On the way up there, we stopped off to dine.. there really is nothing better than a bacon bun and tea feeding frenzy.

Here's some of the games, there was a nice variation and spread of periods.

A Fantasy Hott game, very nicely done, good to look at, and great fun.

And onto our Naval game that we played, under the banner of "Yorkshire Coast Wargames", (all put together very well by Richie), being the Battle of Trafalgar, the game went well once we got into it, the "Grand Fleet Action in the Age of Sail" rules were easy to apply, it flowed well and it made a pleasant change to play a Naval game.
Oh, and the Brits won, rightly so!
The Royal Navy sails forth, in two lines, full of hearty cheers..
Boo! The enemy approaches and our chaps head them off, giving them a swift broadside for good measure.
Both sides start to mix it, with close range gunnery and boarding parties too.
The British Fleet pretty much out gunned and out shot the French & Spaniards, and blew large holes in their ships, until they started to sink beneath the waves.
And so thankfully, Britannia rules the waves again. Large Hurrah's all round!
The rest of the Show was good, and well worth another visit next year. It was good to meet up with ANDY McMASTER finally and have a natter, as well as others too. Purchases!.. two boxes of "Blue Moon" Zombies from Old Glory, a box of 1/72 Colonials, some 1/72 thatched huts and a couple of books. Nice.
A stop off at Whitby for fodder on the way back rounded the day off nicely, we found my absolute hearts desire of a place... The Pie Shop.... everything you could want, in a pie... unfortunately one of our chaps has an aversion to pie, and so we went to a fish & chip cafe instead, where, luckily, they did serve pie too. I will not name said chap on here publicly, suffice to say I have bought him a ticket for remedial pie therapy. (It's in the post, you know who you are!).
Thankyou to Richie, Doug, Alex, Jordan, Jonathon and David for an enjoyable day.
A quick Witter, just to say Hello and Welcome to Mad Carew, Maximilian and Young Stan, thankyou for joining, hope you enjoy the Blog and look forward to any Comments you wish to post.
Regards to all,