Thursday, 28 January 2010

One's Painting Table..

Well it's been a while since I've posted up, I got waylaid over Christmas & New Year, and what with one thing and another, I just haven't been able to get Blogging, but here we are. Thought I'd begin with an easy one, and a belated but well meant Best Wishes to you all for 2010.
We had a gathering at Peeler mansions a while ago, (quite a while ago!) to prepare for our Colonial game at the Recon Show, here's the benefit of having a large-ish table, you can fit flocking, ash trays, tea & biscuits and a board game on it. A pleasant gaming & general wittering afternoon was had.

We were putting the finishing touches to our 1/72 Zulu War collection, these being a mix of Esci, Revell and Hatt. The newer Hatt figures are quite the business I think, chunky and solid looking, with a good selection including Naval Division, Highlanders and Artillery. Washed, undercoated with black primer, painted with Vallejo acrylics then a good coating of Humbrol gloss varnish to finish ... they end up looking deep, solid and semi gloss, without too much of a shine on them. The gloss helps to harden off the figures too.
The bases are MDF, (from East Riding Miniatures, who give a wonderfully friendly and quick service), painted earth brown then with a watery PVA glue, covered in a variety of flock, static grass and small rocks. They'll look better in the pictures of the game, which I will post up soonest. Having based all this lot in one go, I thought to myself, "Must flock as I go along next time and not leave them all to the end." Then again, it's satisfying to see them all basic and undone, and then a couple of hours later, transformed into something better, like a bit of an achievement really. I must remember not to breath in as much flock and static though, it does you no good really.
The board game was Richie's Zombie game, which plays really well and has a lot of fun elements to it. I don't think I did too well at it, my only excuse is that I was busy having a good flock..

A warm welcome to Davy Nicholl and Ryulin, two of our local gaming chums. Davy has a music site, and Ryulin has just started a Fantasy Blog, both of which are looking good, and a welcome also to Andy from Old Glory, who has also just started a Blog, (Glorious Little Soldiers), which no doubt will be a belter! All three are in the Links, and are well worth a visit.