Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Well it's been a while (again), but it can't be helped really. The usual work, shifts, family, etc etc, though to be fair we have done quite a lot of gaming too, it's just getting the time to post it up. And really I suppose, it's the gaming that's the more important part of the hobby, along with pies and beer and so on.
So, a while ago we gathered at Peeler Mansions for an ACW bash, using 1/72 plastic figures and the DBACW rules, available from the DBN Site (Post Title is Linked). These play well and easily, with each base representing a Regt, so four or five give you a Brigade, two or three Brigades give you a Division, and so on. Each base of troops can be Raw, Average or Veteran, Musket/Rifle armed, Artillery can be Smoothbore/Breechloading. These rules are, to be fair, a simple but effective representation of the ACW. I'm sure you get the gist.
On with the game .. The Rebels, under General E. Cautious were defending, and had kept a lot of their forces off table. The Union, under General D. Zaster (son of an Italian immigrant), formed up and went for a swift attack, hoping to overthrow the meagre enemy that they could see.

The Union had the advantage with Artillery, and here you can also see their Baggage, safely tucked away in the rear, out of harms way.

Some of the Confederates, Regular Infantry and Skirmishers, eagerly awaiting their chance for glory.

One Union column approaches the walled field upon the hill (Remember the Don Featherstone books? There was always a walled field in the ACW game).

Whilst the other column takes on the Rebel artillery, and promptly pops it off with a few well aimed shots.

All's looking good for the Union, as the Left flank takes the walled area, the Centre advances toward the defile, and the Right advances toward the town.

But then! A volley of shots from the previously hidden Rebels throws a few bases back in confusion, leaving the Zouaves (a colourful bunch) a tad isolated.

The Brigade General joins in, gives a few encouraging words ("Git forward you pansies!") and reforms his troops for another try.

On the Union Right, they settle down for a long range bombardment, whilst advancing through the town.
The Rebels advance to the wall, and mix it with a fire fight, taking and causing casualties.
Union troops advance toward that single base on the hill, with the knocked out Artillery, expecting an easy victory.
The Rebel General sends a Veteran Regt into the Centre town, hoping to slow the advance, to give time for reinforcements to arrive.
The Union artillery pops away at this Regt, who must have had a reflective shield, as all the shots missed. Damp powder maybe! On the Union left, equally poor dice resulted in both guns being lost to counter battery fire. Very poor. (For me and Rich anyway).
The Union column forced the Rebels back on the hill, and advanced cautiously.
The firefight on the Right continued..

.. with the Union getting the upper hand, but only after adding their Reserves. Those Rebel Sharpshooters were a real pain!
In the centre, the town was hotly contested. (Towns/BUA in these rules only give a small advantage, as the buildings were mostly just wooden types, thus giving less cover than solid European stone built ones).
What!! Just as the Union was looking to gain ground, (and about time, given the circumstances), a Rebel flank attack comes in on the Right. "Aw shucks" said Rich.
This was a most depressing event, as on the Right we'd forced them from the town and were looking to flank them,
and on the Left, we were finally getting in amongst them, giving them cold steel and a bit of a toeing.
Typically, some Reb cavalry went straight for the undefended Baggage, (lesson learnt!), and did an awful lot of ransacking, whooping about and whatnot. Damned Southerners!
The Reb reinforcements stormed through the town, and attacked the rear of the Union forces. Bar the shouting and caterwauling, it was all over. The Union had already suffered surprisingly heavy casualties in the initial fighting, due to poor dice from me & Rich, and decent dice from Alex & Dave, and so the remnants retired from the field. Well, that's putting it politely. "Running like lily livered chickens" was how the Reb players described it.
General E. Cautious retired, tired, to his encampment, full of tales of how he'd whupped those Dastardly Northerners.
So there we have it. It was a well played, hard fought game, and thoroughly enjoyed by all. My thanks to Rich, Alex and Dave.
A swift witter, we have a table booked at the Battle Group North show at Elvington Airfield in May, if anyone else is going, feel free to say hello, and a warm welcome to Tim, Wargamer1972 & Velarde, latest Followers, who have a fine selection of Blogs between them. Thanks for joining and hope you enjoy the Blog.