Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Table making & a Heroclix Game.

It's been a busy time for most of our gang of late, what with a few getting new jobs or moving house, in some cases both, and extra shifts for some football tournament or other, but we've still fitted a bit of gaming time in, and had a really pleasant get together recently down at the local Forge with steak, pies and beer. I think we should be doing that again fairly soonish, it's not often most of us can get somewhere at the same time.
Anyway, we made a table top a short while ago, for Dave's son's railway setup, which was good fun to do. Naturally, we used the most modern of machinery, a large cutting thing, glue and a hammer. Oh, and some screws too. We didn't even get to bleed too much either, which is pretty good going for us, not really being used to wood & sharp dangerous tools.
The table was @6'x4', using a plywood top with supporting pine strips, shown here being accurately & expertly placed by Dave.

Wanting folding legs on it, we recycled an old card tables legs. How modern & green is that? Gave me thoughts of making a future gaming table of course. Though it would have to be bigger, more sturdy, and have spaces for tea cups, pie plates and large ashtrays. But this was a good learning experience, and we had a right good time.
Lacking the specific tool, we used a bayonet to spread the glue. Seemed to work allright, and no one messed with us during the time that we were tooled up.
We stood it up, and although it only took an hour or two, we thought it looked quite proper really. It's good to do something practical, and 'hand made' now and again. Naturally, we needed beer afterwards, and so retired early to the Forge.
We've had a few games of 'Heroclix' recently, c/o Richie & Eddie, and though I was a tad sceptical, I have to say it does play well as a sort of DBx skirmish game in a way. Each piece is a super hero, with movement, range, fighting ability & damage points shown on the base. These scores diminish as the piece takes hits during the game. It did give me some ideas for future skirmish games, in particular our not-quite-yet-done Zombie bash game. Quick and easy to set up, and good fun to play.
Now some gamers, having played this before, chose their pieces on a combat value basis,(each side is allowed so many points). I chose mine on a different basis, as can be seen...
By the end of one game, my three well upholstered ladies easily beat off a savage attack by some chap wearing only hot pants, leather jacket and an odd yellow cap set at a jaunty angle. I have no idea who he was, and I'm not sure that I would want to, but he stood no chance against "Peeler's babes". He got well mullered, and rightly so in my opinion, for coming to a fight dressed like that.
As said, gaming has been a bit light of late, but that's life, it gets in the way of the hobby on occasion and can't be helped, I'm sure we'll be back to our regular gaming times soonish.
A swift witter, and a couple of links.. a new (to me) site, by Pendraken.. http://www.pendrakenforum.co.uk/index.php
.. a rather nice & pleasant Forum, mainly for the 10mm set obviously, but there is a lot of interesting stuff on there for all.
Another Site I've recently rejoined is WD3.. http://wdlovesme.19.forumer.com/ .. a more general gaming site, again with a lot of interesting stuff on there. Both are well worth a look at, and joining up to.