Monday, 14 June 2010

Durham Show, 12th June 2010

A good day out all round was had, five of us trooped out from the Yorkshire Coasters, and a pleasant drive over the moors past Whitby took us on toward Durham. (Title Post is linked). We had a later start than usual, as we weren't putting a game on, and altogether had a pleasant & steady sort of day. This is always a decent friendly show, and though it seemed a tad smaller than last time I was there, there were some decent looking games on, worthwhile traders and the B&B had some quality stuff on it. The B&B staff were very helpful too with booking stuff in, and had a common sense system going.
It was good to meet up with Norman, Andy & Tim and have tea & scones, which were well nice and creamy, and a good natter was had. Spent @£60 on books and some painted pirates with cannons, just had to have them, a couple of Irregular Miniatures dogs, and some 1/72 Crimean War British Hussars .. so there's new game afoot there. There was a lot more I could have spent on, but in these days of financial constraint...
A tea & bun stop was had on the way up, just in time too before we collapsed from hunger. This photo is a bit shaky, I obviously had low blood sugar due to lack of bacon.. we were all a lot happier after a good chew, Dave even managed the "all you can eat in one bun" deal. It was huge.
My camera failed me after the tea shop, so my thanks to Tim for the following show photos.
There was a large quality ACW game..
And a cracking Wild West type game, which seemed to have everything in it, from US army, Indians, bank robbers, and so on. There was lots going on in this game, including an accidental shed fire.. of which Richie denied all knowledge, even though he was gaming right next to it.This Fort was a wonderful model...

The Indians on the warpath, now these were a quality paint job.
Buying wise, as said I did have to restrain myself, there was such a lot of decent stuff on offer. For a mere £25, I collected this little lot from the B&B. Anything with Mr Featherstone's name on it seems to need buying up I reckon.
I also bought two sets of these, pirates with guns, thinking "They're different, and will do in my 18thC 25mm games". I could see there was something different about them, but put it down to the good paint job. Imagine my chuckles when I got home and realised they were 40mm, not 25mm. Oh yes, how I laughed to myself at having spent £20 on the wrong sized figures. But still, they're nice enough, and I'll make them into some sort of diorama thing to put on the shelf. Or maybe just buy a few more 40mm pirates ... just a few...
A swift tea & bun stop on the way back kept us going, and we winded our weary way home. I had to get back for a pub steak dinner with an old chum, for 7pm, which turned into a marathon pub session till @2am, hence my memory is a tad hazy I must say, though it was as usual a grand day all round, well done Durham and hope to make it again next year.
A swift witter, here's a link kindly provided by a Wd3 chum, for all you pie-lovers..
and a welcome to Surfus & Beccas, thanks for joining, hope you enjoy the Blog.

Friday, 4 June 2010

DbF, The Battle of the Broken Rule.

We had a swiftly put together game of DBFantasy a while ago, using our own DBx rules. It was such a bright day, which made a change, that a lot of the photos didn't come out, so these are the better ones, honestly!
We had the usual +1 for elite, pikes etc, -1 for Peasants and also bonus for the Good side being within 6" of The Good Church, and for the Evil side being within 6" of The Bad Rocks & The Flaming Tower of Evil. Keeps it simple eh! TSS boards & terrain, Kallistra 10mm figures were used.
My dog was not at all interested..

The table, showing the Tower, Church etc, and also the now obligatory refreshments taken whilst gaming. Meat & potato I think they were. Note the two Rulers on the table, one metal and one merely plastic.

The Evil types advance, given Bonus by the well painted Tower, which started life as a mere candlestick holder, bought for 50p at a BB sale.

The Chaps of Haligor advanced to the fray also, with a shout of,"Bring it on if you think you're bad enough".

Some Barbarian Rhino Chariots, which were on neither side, but just picked on the nearest unit, looting as they went. That nearby shed got emptied by them.
The two sides mix it in the centre, near The Good Church, giving the Good side the edge to win after a time.
Those Chariots piled into the flank, and did a fair bit of riding down, hacking & slashing, pulling wheelies and such like. Note The Broken Ruler. Done in by an over enthusiastic gamer. It was at least 15 years old, and was considered a family heirloom. Now, just another gaming casualty. So very sad.
In the centre, the melee grew, and lots of casualties were caused on each side.

The flanking chariots had a disastrous effect on the Evil side, as did the continuous rain of arrows from the "keeping well out the way" Elven archers.
After a long struggle, both sides were forced to retire, and reform their lines, with not as many chaps as there was before. The Evils tried a mounted attack, which the Spearmen just about held off, awaiting reinforcements...
... from a large column of Elf Pikes, solidly stomping it's way toward them.
Unable to wait for the solidly stomping but slow moving Pikes, our brave spearmen flanked and attacked the Mounted Evils, selling their lives dearly, in a desperate effort to hold their ground. It all got very mixed up & messy, blood & guts all over the table.
But they caused enough casualties to halt the Evil attack, and the stomping Elves finally arrived, and thoroughly trashed the remnants right off the table.

A good game was had, despite the much loved rulers sad demise, and we were able to add to our DBF rules, resulting in a half decent play sheet.