Tuesday, 10 February 2009

GdB in 10mm

Thought I'd put this up, I do like the mass effect of the smaller scales, and I do find them easier to paint than larger figures, less need for all that detail. (Not that you can compare them really, it just depends on the visual effect that most appeals to you, each to their own I say). This picture shows a French Brigade of four Battalions, supported by a Battery, advancing in 'coloumn of battalion line', as in d'Erlon at Waterloo. I use GdB 15mm base sizes and measurements, so that a French Btn comes in at 90 figures, in three ranks. each Co is made up of 15 figures, instead of the 6 figures in 15mm. I have put each Btn onto only two bases, for ease of movement, and most of my artillery is on a single base per Battery. I'm using Old Glory Figures, of which I have a fair few..and a lot more still to paint. Ease of painting, and ease of movement-lazy eh! But it floats my boat.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice Peeler GDB really suits 10mm IMHO

Peeler said...

Thanks TelD, I think the smaller scales can look good for any ruleset to be fair, just have masses of 'em. Nice to hear from you, hope all is well with yourself.