Friday, 6 February 2009

Peeler's Wargaming & Wittering Page.

Well, for a technophobe like myself, this is pretty good going! Must admit I have had a little help from others, many thanks to them.
Why a Blog then? Well, why not? I post on several Sites, and thought to myself, t'would be nice to have all my stuff in one place, all neat and tidy like. I've looked at other Blogs, such as Poacher's and Giles', and thought, Hmm, I'd like one too, so here we are. Not that I claim that mine will be as good a read as others..what will be will be. But, it passes the time, and may keep me out of the pub a bit. Maybe..
I've put up some Links to other Blogs/Sites that I like to read, hope you find them interesting too. My early posts may well be of things done in the distant past, then I'll be up to date and posting as and when something grabs me and I want to put it on here. That, I've just thought, is the bonus of having your own can put up what you want to, when you want to.



Poacher said...

There you go, old can of spam! Told you you'd suss it in no time.

Peeler said...

Ha, now then chum. Yup, I was surprised too! Seems to be up and running now, thanks for your advice.