Sunday, 15 February 2009

DBF, The Villagers Revenge.

Following last weeks trashing and pillaging of their village, the Humans decided to dish out a portion of revenge, so they made their way to the Evil's castle, and formed up outside.

After a short period of taunting and verbal abuse, the Evil Army came out and formed up opposite, ready for battle. The Armies were broadly similar to the last game, but the zombies were absent, having wandered off far away.

The Evils kicked off with a general advance, and an attempt at a flanking move by the Large Orcs, supported by Chief Evil. These Orcs, being on the big side, would count as +1 in combat. The rest of the two armies edged toward each other, with the cavalry meeting on the flank.

While the Elf Spearmen poked and shunted their way through the sword wielding Orcs to great effect, the Human swords just about held the skeletons off to the right. The Orc cavalry wiped the floor with the Elf cavalry due to superior numbers and flank attack by the Large Orcs, supported by Chief Evil.

Meanwhile, the Spearmen and swords had done rather well and had taken out three bases of Orcs over two moves...just one to go and revenge would be theirs.

And so it was! A swift flanking move by a column of Spears against an Orc element produced the result. The battle was won, and the Evils ran off back to their castle, feeling suitably humbled. The Human army, flush with success and few casualties, marched off home.

We played this game with the same rule amendments to DBN as below, Kallistra figures and TSS terrain.


johnpreece said...

Hello Peeler,

I am a bit slow off the mark realising you had a blog. Trust me to arrive in time for the fairies.

Still, I was very interested in the Blue moon equipment range, which I had never heard of. I am inclined to agree with you that £20 though expensive is worth it for a good model. After all they get used so many times no matter what army is being used.

I am finally getting around to building up some villagers, farmstock etc, so will be interested in anything you have to show.

Congratulations on a very interesting blog.


Peeler said...

Thankyou very much John, good to hear you, and hope you've recovered from your break. Too true, £20 for a multiuse model isn't bad really. I'm into mostly Old Glory figures, so I'll post up as and when I have some decent pictures. Regards..

Poacher said...

I wish I could recall the events of a game with such detail. I really must start to make notes; merely looking at my pictures of a game afterwards never seems to trigger recall.

Peeler said...

Hi Poacher, hope all's well. I tend to take a pic for each bit, thus helping memory, but I don't print them all, there's too many.