Sunday, 8 February 2009

GdB Game on at the Carronade Falkirk Show, 05/08.

I think this will be the last of my 'previous doings' posts, as I am now up to date with myself. The Falkirk Gamers, a really good bunch, put on The Carronade Show, and having been just the once, I have to say it's top notch. Sadly, it always coincides with the Elvington Show, so I'll have to alternate yearly. We were asked to put on a game, and so made it into a bit of a holiday event, doing a bit of a tour on the way up there. Here's a link to the write up, and the show itself.
A thoroughly good time was had, and thanks to The Falkirk Club for the invite. They have a good site too, here's a link to them..


Giles said...

Peeler! I didn't realise that you started your own blog. excellent news and I look forward to reading more about your 10mm Nap extravaganzas. And all your other stuff of course...

Best wishes


Peeler said...

Thanks Giles, much appreciated!

Poacher said...

It's looking very neat, peeler!

Post lots of battle reports, please!

All you need now is a video of Toyah Wilcox in latex, and it will be perfect.

OK, don't bother. I'll put one up on mine!


Peeler said...

Toyah Wilcox in latex...I've just spilt me paint and dropped me tea at the thought! Sigh. As for battle reports, yes, I've done a few links to previous game reports as they've already been written up, but future one's will be on here. We'd best do some C&C soon too!

Richie the Darklord said...

I'm liking your new blog here Peeler looks really good. Nice choice of picture for the header too. We really must get together for a game sometime, I'm getting withdrawel symptoms as I've only played 1 game in the last 3 months.

Peeler said...

Hi Richie, mant thanks for your comments there. And one game in three months makes you almost a non-wargamer! So yep, a game on soon I reckon.
"This comment was made without meaning to be nasty to anyone who hasn't gamed in the last three months"..:-)