Monday, 23 February 2009

DBN Game, French/Austrian1809

Myself, Testo Snr & Jnr, and Rich D'Lord had a get together a few days ago, And Testo Snr kindly set up this DBN French/Austrian generic 1809 game, 24 points a side. From memory(!) the forces were as follows-both sides also has CinC, SubGeneral and Baggage.

The French went for 8xMuskets, 2xMuskets(Allies), 1xMuskets(Elite), 3xLight Inf, 1xHeavyCav, 1xHeavyCav(Elite), 2xLightCav, 1xLightCav(Elite), 2xFootArt, 1xFootArt(Elite).
The Austrians went for 8xMuskets, 4xMuskets(Militia), 3xMuskets(Elite), 2xLight Inf, 1xJaeger, 4xHeavycav, 1xLightCav, 1xFootArt.
(From the French side..)
The French occupied the main Town with the Elite Muskets, and set up first for defence, strong on both flanks, with a central cavalry reserve. The Town counted as 2 points if captured by the Austrians.

(From the Austrian side..)
The Austrians deployed in two strong flank columns supported by cavalry, with a central infantry column with which to threaten the town. French occupation of this town severley limited Austrian movement in the game.

All set for a major bash then. Which is just what happened. The Austrian flank columns moved off whilst the Reserve sat looking at the Town. Wondering what to do. Wondering if it had a pub.

The French, seeing the plan, had a general shuffle forward.
On the French left, their Artillery opened up on the Austrians as they cleared and occupied the village, scoring a hit. In the woods, the Light Inf advanced.

On the French right, whilst the main Austrian column rolled on, a detached flanking column trading shots with the French, and became quite worrying. The French Heavy Cavalry moved over in support.

On the left, firing an Elite Battery with another in support, a base of Muskets was soon taken out. Bonus! A heavy fire fight developed in the woods between the Lights, as French Light cavalry move up.

On the right, whilst the French Artillery scored hits on the column, the Austrian flank attack was taking its toll, pushing in at the French flank units.

On the Left, the French scored more hits on the column, and began to gain the upper hand in the woods too. French columns moved forward, as did the Austrian.

On the Right, despite casualties, the Austrian flank attack was going well, taking out 2xFrench bases, and together with main column attack, looked like it was going to roll up the line.

On the Left, big changes! The main Austrian column, having lost 2xbases, began to retire before contact. The French stormed the Village, and took out 2xbases in the woods. (The Austrian Central Reserve, you'll notice, is still sat there, looking at the Town). Austrian casualties were mounting, and getting toward the breaking point.

On the right, and the Austrian flank attack began to falter, but one column got in to mix it with the Swiss. Damned hard chaps those Swiss, and the melee went back and forth. The other column just sort of sat there, and got shot up by the Artillery.

On the Left, the French scored several hits and began to clear the woods, taking out a Militia musket base. This was the sign that it was time for the Austrians to retire, having reached their breaking point.

A view from the Austrian centre, with the Reserve still standing there looking at the Town. They must have been bored by now surely!!

And from the Austrian right, as the French clear the woods, hammer the retiring column, and their Cavalry advance.

The Austrian side was hampered by poor cap dice, giving the French the ability to easily move to confront their attacks, which did look quite threatening to begin with. The Austrian Reserve, and the French Elite in the Town, merely sat and looked at each other, neither really fancying a fight.
Austrian loses were 10 bases, to (I think) 3 French. A tad decisive then, to be fair. The cotton wool by the way, indicates a hit on a base. Two hits and the base is shaken, 3 and its off. A simple but effective casualty marking system.
Cheers Gents, for an enjoyable game!


Richie the Darklord said...

Really good game. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although me and Alex probably weren't the best pairing considering neither of us had won a DBN game when you hadn't lost one lol. Still, better luck next time I guess. I'm really tempted to get some of these figures as they look really good.

Peeler said...

I lost Waterloo at the Recon Show!It is a good easy to play and enjoy set of rules. Figures wise, the Austrians were AB, and French mostly Essex..all Alex's too. And yep, better luck next timeRich! And thanks for coming.

Richie the Darklord said...

Always a pleasure gaming with mates. I'll get some of my 6mm painted up so we can try that out sometime.

Alex said...

Yep great game, shame about the Austrians, the Commander needs shooting............and his Sub Commander..........'first'.........and then reconsider the shooting as it is more difficult to beat the French from 1805 to 1812 and the French did deploy 'masterfully'.

Peeler said...

6mm Rich? Get it painted and we'll happily game with it.
Hi Alex, I think maybe both Austrian Commanders got lost in the dust cloud of the retreating Army? Or what was left of it anyway :-)
As for masterful, well, we deployed as we did only out of fear of the unknown attack coming our way.