Saturday, 14 February 2009

DBF, Attack on the Village.

We used Kallistra Figures for this game, they come in unit packs, with bases too-which happen to be the right size for DBA, so quite handy really. We used the DBN play sheet as it was easy to hand, with a few 'off the cuff' amendments. Spears counted as +1 in combat and can do columns, swords/blades count as normal combat and can't do columns, archers fire as muskets but -1 in combat, zombies and peasants fight as militia, undead (that's zombies and skeletons) don't suffer from 'shaken'-they wouldn't care, as they're already dead, the 'chaos/evil' army has -1 on cap dice to reflect the lack of discipline, and zombies once moved need 2 cap to stop them. They also wander randomly and are prone to chomping at the nearest unit-even if on their own side-once they had a kill. That's the usefulness of DBA/N rules-a few tweaks and you can game anything really.
So to the game. The Evil army had come over to trash and pillage the Human's village. That's pretty evil really. The Human's just wanted them to bog off. Both sides had to cause 4 element casualties to win, but we made it so that the Evil's had to kill 5-they wouldn't count it as a victory unless they had a bit more slaughter we reckoned.

So both sides lined up in a face off. , and off they went, with the Zombies on the right flank wandering off fairly quickly, looking for their dinner. The Humans called on theEvils to bog off or face a thrashing. The Evils merely snickered and gnashed their teeth.
Battle was quickly joined without much manoeuvre, in a straight forward hack and slash fest, with casualties on both sides. The spear skeleton column quickly pushed on through, whilst the archers backed off, firing into the orc swords. After seeing off the Human cavalry (the orc cavalry had a +1 being on wolves with big teeth), the orc cavalry and others rounded on the archers who had become detached from any support. And much slaughter and breaking of bows was had. The skeleton column carried on through the Humans line, finding an opportunity to mix it with the Chief, who proved adept at fending them off three times! To the right, the zombies munched their way through the local peasants, then turned on some spears, slowly chomping through them as well. For a bunch of dead folks, they eat an awful lot. Never, ever, invite them for tea and buns. After seeing them off, they went for the next nearest element..which sadly was a a unit of orcs. Needless to say, the Humans backed off.

A couple of moves later and it was all over bar the collecting of discarded weaponry. The Humans had been minced thoroughly. Their line was split, and the remaining Humans made their escape pledging revenge at a not too distant time in the future, leaving their village to be plundered by the Evils, who swiftly moved in, naturally taking the tavern and pastry shop first.

A good fun game was had, played over an hour and a half, on a TSS 2two foot board, a few trees, couple of hills and a few village buildings added for good measure.


mrfarrow2u said...

Very nice! I like it, though I'd better not tell Jack or he'll have me basing up all his fantasy figures.

All the Best

Peeler said...

Thanks MrF, thats praise indeed coming from a 'hardcore' DB bloke like yourself! I like the rules, they can adapt to anything for a swift easy to set up and play game. The wandering zombies were a right hoot.