Saturday, 7 February 2009

York Show, 01/02/09

Held at the York Racecourse, and a good day was had, though after finishing work at 6am, I didn't get there till around 1pm. Just as well that I wasn't involved in putting on a game this time! There was a lot of good looking games on, plenty of traders, and I met up with a few people I hadn't seen for a while. Richie and Tim from Hunmanby put on a smallish but easy to set up Napoleonic Naval game which had a fair few onlookers at times. Good to see that younger gamers can organise, book, and put on a game themselves without any fuss and bother. Bodes well for the future I reckon.
As I wasn't gaming, it was a buying time, and I got some smashing 25mm wagons and carts from Old Glory's new Blue Moon range ( to be used with my 'Village Wars' project which is slowly coming together. You may say 'Not cheap' at £20 a time, but they are very good looking and chunky, and well worth the money I say. Nice to have a witter with Andy too, as always full of ideas and possibilities. Next trader was Hovels, and some really nice looking 18thC civilians-drunkards, farmers, busty wenches and farm animals too, for some interesting viginettes. On to Simon and Sue the TSS crew, and a serious buy into their 2ft boards and hills. I'd say that the flocking has improved since they took over at TSS, and they've added a lot to the range. As always, a good witter and laugh was had. Must remember to phone them soon, as I just need some more stuff! Oh, and Minipeeler got a bargain on the BB-15 boxes of Airfix Romans for a mere £10. He was thoroughly chuffed.
So as always, a good show, and well done York Club.


mrfarrow2u said...

Now then Peeler!
Yes another good show, probably the best in the North at the moment. It was VERY Busy from 10 o'clock onwards. Spent a lot of money, it does seem everything is getting more expensive...

Good Luck with the Blog.

All the Best

Peeler said...

Hi MrF!Nice to see your comment there, thanks for joining. Spent far too much really, but hey ho, there was stuff I just had to have. You know how it is. Thought I'd try my own blog, after reading others, including yours. I was inspired. :-)