Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Large DBN Bash & Witter..

Well, how are things? As usual, busy times have interrupted one's Blogging. I look forward to the day when my time is my own, to (more or less) do as I please - not that I want to become unemployed you understand, it's just that - well, life gets in the way of the hobby doesn't it.
Anyway, here's some photos from a Large DBN Game we played over a weekend way last November (!) ably planned & set up by Alex Testo & Bob Carter, the two chaps of DBN fame, at Alex's hotel in nearby Scarborough. Thinking on, as I say 'a ... game', it was in fact three - the main game on the Saturday being an 'Imagi' game involving most countries in a fictional 1813 battle, which ended in an early Allied victory, so giving time for a series of one-on-one games in the evening, followed by another main game on the Sunday. One advantage of DBN 'easy-to-play' rules is that you don't get bogged down in tables of modifiers, and so if the game pans along and one side (by decent planning & set up) gets the upper hand in a proper way, it's over in time to have another bash. We certainly weren't at a loss for gaming, and as usual with these weekends, the rest of the time passed happily with beer & curry, and beer and erm, more beer .. at which I think we put the world to rights, as gamers of our age tend to do.
The figures used were supplied mainly by Bob, based on the original DBN style, and very nice they are too, as well as being lots of them (he even had enough spare to sell me rather a lot too, at a decent price). Alex made the table specifically for the game, but it can be reused for others, and he did all this in just less than two days which is pretty good going I reckons. I think there was about 14'x6', which gave ample space to
game on.

The relevant armies were placed, about a dozen twelve point armies per side, and there was still sufficient room for flanking movements and gaps to go for.   
Much of the initial battling took place around the centre towns & villages, which after some hard fighting, fell to the French & their Allies. My own Corps, being rather splendid in red Danish, had a long march to get on in there, and the opposition was nicely softened up by that time..
Whilst the Allies had the advantage of interior lines, the extra space allowed to the French was used to good effect to deny part of the table, whilst massing in others, and heading for the 'bend', which turned out to be a rather masterful plan. 
The fighting was soon full on & rather serious, as can be seen ...  

.. with infantry attacks ably supported by some lucky cavalry charges. 
Pretty soon, shortly after lunch, the main point to focus on was clearly pointed out, and all French forces in the vicinity were ordered to attack towards it.  

 Now this doesn't happen too often, but John's Elite column went forward, expecting to win a fair bit, but in fact trounced it's way through I think a good half dozen units, seemingly invincible and impervious to anything the Allies could throw at it. If medals & pies were to be awarded after the battle, then this column would have been at the front of the queue.

The end was clearly in sight when, finally, my footsore Danes broke into the centre space made by John's Corps, which had left precious little of the Allies left to fight with. 

The Allied commanders decided that it was time to wave a white dishcloth, their forces shattered asunder, their centre collapsed, their own personal gaming morale crushed underfoot & wiped into the plush carpet. Well not quite, but you know, when you win, you have to make the most of it don't you....

Mind you, their early surrender did nicely pave the way for a some mini games in the evening, and for another rather grand game the next day, so really, credit to them for making the early decision. Mind you, they did decline to buy all the beer that night, as demanded by the French ... tsk, eh. 
As with other large games, you can only give an overview - there really was too much going on to include everything, and you don't see all the table all the time - but needless to say, all the participants had a right good time. It's what gaming is al about innit. My thanks to Alex & Bob (and Mrs Alex for feeding us), and all the other gamers for making it such an enjoyable weekend.

Now then, I've just remembered - young Testo has put together this video - or DVD, or whatever they call them nowadays, of the weekend, and I must insist that you have a look at it .. it's superb.

Looking ahead, we have Ayton 2 - or perhaps, Ayton, the Return - coming up in early May, another weekend of Old School gaming with most of the original gamers as well as a few new ones, and figures & bases are currently being painted & respruced, and yes, elephants are being bought too, as it is set in a north Africa type scenario. The good Mr Hyde will soon be very busy running the pre weekend campaign, and in less than two months the gamers will be gathering, for wargames, beer, vast quantiles of Dennison food, & more beer ..  Life ain't bad at times is it eh?

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Andy McMaster said...

Nice report there Mr Peeler! I have the rules but have yet to play them! Or paint enough figures to even make it possible...

I too look forward to Ayton 2: The Return. Though getting stressed about getting all the painting done! I did resist buying some alligators today though :)


Conrad Kinch said...

A good report. You can't beat back of an envelope rules for a big game.

corazon said...

Nice post